To warm the floor optional installation and maintenance skills

  • Spring is coming, and many families have home decoration plans. The traditional style radiators, air conditioning heating mode, is gradually being replaced by ground heating. Today, small series and share some tips to warm the floor optional and maintenance of common sense. Ground heating by radiation heat buried under the floor heating tubes - plastic composite pipe or conductive tube, the surface temperature of the floor heating to 18-32 �� and evenly radiate heat into the room to achieve the effect of the heating apparatus, with heat uniform, large heated area of ??advantage, so in the near future, and heating will gradually replace the traditional way of heating, warm floor will become the preferred home decoration. Floor better dimensional stability[url=]simple deck roof ideas[/url] It is understood, look flooring substrate, density and internal bond strength, higher internal bond strength, indicating that changes in the ability to withstand temperature floor better, not cracking phenomenon, only the substrate is relatively dense wood floor, in order to ensure long-term does not crack under high temperature deformation. Hot water floor radiant heating in the floor used to require high humidity change is small size, expansion rate is less than or equal to 2.5%. In general, the smaller expansion, moisture resistant floor better. Floor formaldehyde emission can not be exceeded This requires a long time under the floor heating, formaldehyde emission is not exceeded. When consumers choose to heat the floor, be sure to choose low formaldehyde content of the floor as much as possible, because the higher the temperature, the more formaldehyde emission, in a relatively closed room, plus an indoor formaldehyde caused by the release of other items, indoor formaldehyde It may be exceeded, cause harm to humans. Floor heat faster[url=]composite fence boards tongue in groove[/url] In the flooring market, now offers small thermal conductivity of the brand, consumers in the purchase to pay attention. Usually high coefficient of thermal conductivity of the product in terms of better performance. Afraid of high temperature, due to the geothermal heating floor to withstand high temperatures for a long time, requires stable decorative layer performance under high temperature conditions for a long time does not appear to fade, light rough phenomenon. Laminate flooring (laminate flooring and three parquet) is suitable for geothermal heating. Floor coverings with stress When installed to warm the floor surface temperature should be maintained at around 18 ��. Before installation of the concrete floor to the gradual warming, increased 5 �� every day until it reaches about 18 �� standard so far. In the first three days after the installation is complete, we must continue to maintain this temperature, three days later before needed to heat up, and only a day temperature 5 ��. The first use of geothermal heating, attention should be slow to heat up. The first time you use, three days before the start of heating to the gradual warming: the first day the water temperature 18 ��, the next day 25 ��, the third day of 30 ��, the fourth day before rose to normal temperature, the water temperature is 45 ��, the surface temperature of 28 �� --30 ��. Not heat up too fast, too fast, the floor may occur due to expansion cracks distortions. If after prolonged enabled geothermal heating system again, I want to be like the first time that, in strict accordance with the heating temperature program. The use of geothermal heating, surface temperature should not exceed 28 ��, the water temperature should not exceed 45 ��, if the temperature exceeds this, then, it will affect the life of the floor and use cycle. Tips: winter dry climate, coupled with the use of geothermal heating under the floor a long time in high temperature conditions, easy to dry. You can be the appropriate room humidification to avoid deformation of dry floor. [url=]diy landscaping ideas[/url]

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