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Less Flashy Tech Companies During the big tech Com

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    October 8, 2017 11:31 PM PDT

    At Oracle, the Silicon Valley database mammoth whose first customer was the Central Intelligence Agency, three young women none of whom has worked there for more than a humble bundle of months started a demand for seven days back to encourage the association to join the amicus brief. A few Oracle laborers have stamped it.

    In a couple of cases, it is striking for an association to stand firm on an issue, said one of the women, a regional VP of offers. For this circumstance, it's extraordinary not to have stood firm.

    A corporate framework relates at IBM, said she trusted workplaces have a commitment to society to the clients we serve, the agents we get and the nationals who are influenced by our decisions. She said IBM had been dynamic in engaging women's help in the development and on various issues, yet had not passed on the relocation blacklist.


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