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fire prevention establishment

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    December 6, 2017 10:06 PM PST

    In checking the work, the fire prevention establishment that each police station organizes a policeman to machine company location to lumber of area under administration eco decking material suppliers in perth is built circumstance and whether whether is can normal movement, safety familiar with treatment to produce operating rules of machines and tools with report, worker, whether to establish 30 square metre deck cost the many respects such as plan of safe production lash-up to undertake safe hidden trouble is big are checked, check lumber to machine a place in all 59, put forward 23 to rectify and reform a proposal, deadline is fulfilled rectify and reform a proposal, supervise and urge company controller should buy accident insurance actively for salary polypropylene deck boards earner, be on guard Yu Weiran, ensure exterior grade wood floor planks do not produce accident of gross safe production, maintain lumber to machine industry health benign development.