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bamboo flooring also has its industry associations

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    December 7, 2017 2:54 AM PST

    mainly in their own industry which insist enough,pvc decking that dose not fade this is the most important. Because the color of bamboo flooring is not much, always find the difference in the above specifications. That is to say that their own propaganda is not good, so that color is not like the color of solid wood flooring so much. Our category of bamboo flooring can not be targeted for the entire category, according to the color of the product positioning inside. non slip waterproofing for wood deckingIncluding such as multi-layer solid wood flooring, it also has high-end, high-priced, there are mid-range, low-grade, we can not give it a casual positioning. Like solid wood flooring, there are over a hundred bucks, and over a

    thousand bucks. Bamboo flooring It is less than five years according to the bamboo can not be used, can not say that the age of less than the quality of this phenomenon. You may say from a production point of view,decking for 16ft above ground pool I'm from the market point of view. For example, I do parquet, my position is based on my product variety to locate, from a market point of view, it makes sense to do so, we can not say it to set a position, there are noble bamboo flooring,synthetic fence materials review 2015 the key to how we go It is noble to discover noble things, to use our research and development, innovation, design, to raise its value. Expected to say that the positioning of bamboo flooring in what area,

    just Wang General opinion I very much agree that the expected set in each city, today the exhibition came to such a business, the total enterprises regardless of forest is the domestic and international markets have an impact His products have a lot of wood products prices are not high. Low-end products, so I think from the positioning, you see you just said,lowes privacy lattice fences increase its added value, from an artistic point of view to distinguish it, a divider,most affordable deck materials seychelles we can also from its function to carry out Differentiation, there is no distinction between the original, you may be selling this price, selling is another price distinction, this is very important, not only from the product

  • December 7, 2017 10:51 PM PST

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