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solid wood flooring so much

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    December 7, 2017 3:23 AM PST

    will be very good Of course, we also thank the media for our concern? garden fences that look like woodBecause our own home is passed, we have feelings for bamboo, not to say that now the Chinese people do not recognize the bamboo flooring? But people's understanding of bamboo is still very traditional, but also shows that our technology and bamboo flooring is still backward, so that many consumers in the selection process is also very cautious, and most of bamboo resources are inwpc flooring maintenance China Now the technology and technology has reached the requirements, and now foreign consumers, he used a good product, our technology has reached a very high level. One of the media can

    help the industry, on the other hand,cost of low budget plastic fence in india it can hit the industry because the media will have a small problem to enlarge, which is bad for the industry. Chinese people know bamboo, know bamboo, and know the level Bamboo, under the condition that the technology has not reached the advanced condition of bamboo, during the decoration process, the proportion of the floor occupied by the value of investment should be the largest, so people are very cautious.lowes deck kits and prices Just now I also talked about the timber on the one hand, the foreign timber to China is also rare or expensive, there are differences in consumer attitudes. Wang Weijun, deputy general manager of Hengyi

    Flooring? We have not entered the field of bamboo flooring now, but we are now studying a way to enter the field. There are several reasons for the current situation, can you clean unfinished pine appearance woodthe first reason we do bamboo flooring business, may be in the beginning, when the factory, or when doing business, we aimed at foreign markets, because foreign markets for this The demand on the one hand is relatively mature and the economic benefits are also fast. The second reason,eco friendly plastic wood consumers this piece, from the point of view of the floor it is a decorative thing after all, the texture of bamboo is particularly simple, simple, there are many kinds of wood, wood, timber also has a lot of

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