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    January 15, 2018 6:13 PM PST
    In our daily life we tend to forget many important things. This isn’t a case of one or two individuals. It happens to everyone. Under pressure or due to tiredness we forget things that are important. Similarly , working professionals are no exception to this syndrome. This is a possible reason why many people set reminders for events on their mobile phone. However, you have to feed every reminder and its details to get an alarm at the correct time. As a professional you would love services of conferencealert which provide you reminder for various national and international conferences in India.

    Companies, institutions, government bodies, etc post their conferences in India on these alert services platforms, which help them to earn a very healthy global audience. These platforms are very useful in helping people to stay informed about various updates regarding conferences, events, seminars, etc held regularly in India. These platforms are very good advertising space for organizers of the events as they can get leverage from the global audience and subscribers of these services. Most important feature of these services is you can register your account free of cost. However, you have to pay for the advertising services of these platforms.

    Important Details about Conferences in India on Alert Services

    Every single posting on the conferencealert website are entered through a preformatted submission form and therefore every entry carries specific data. It is important as a user to understand various terms and fields used in these forms. Here is a brief explanation of those terms and fields:

    Title of the conference: This is very important field in the form, as it directly interacts with the users. From the single glimpse users can understand the purpose of meeting. It is also mandatory to mention the edition of the meeting. Edition of meeting clearly indicate how successful the said event is.

    Types of event: While posting event, user need to select the type from the dropdown menu. An event can be a conference, symposium, seminar, annual meeting, etc.

    Date and place of the event: This is very important information on your post. Every user knows about the exact venue of the meeting alongwith the date scheduled for it through this entry. It is also important that you have mentioned start time of the meeting very clearly in this step.

    Website details: It is also better if users provide website address either for the conference or the website of the organizers. It will help users to get more information about the upcoming events in details.

    Contact person details: Please mention the name of contact person of your organization and provide hisher contact number, so that in case of doubts, queries of people are attended properly.

    Organizer: In this space, fill up the name of the Organizer Company, institution or government body, who is organizing this event.

    Deadline for submission of abstractproposal: Mention the date, which will be the deadline for submission of abstracts and proposal for the said eventconference.

    These are some very important details you must mention in your postings on conferencealert. It will help users to know about your conferences in India easily.
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