“It’s LSD That Helped Me Overcome My Fear of Darkness” – reveals Saif

Bollywood Superstar Saif Ali Khan made a big revelation about his life that left the whole of Bollywood bewildered. The actor admits to having had an experience with LSD when he was 22. He also added that it had helped him overcome his fear of dark ever since.

Saif Ali Khan has revealed that he has had an experience with LSD and that, too, at the young age of 22. Though it was a solitary encounter, it had in fact, helped him overcome his phobia of darkness that he had been experiencing then. He added. He also explained more about his experience during his surprising revelation made on Neha Dhupia’s podcast, No Filter Neha.

Unfolding on his experience with LSD and moving past his paranoia of darkness, Saif Ali Khan commented, “I actually had an experience with LSD once when I was 22 and I realised that I’m not scared of the dark anymore. I used to be. It could have gone either way apparently. It is dangerous. Maybe I could have developed a phobia of the dark, you know. That could have happened as well. But this is what happened. And I realised with all clarity that there is nothing in the dark except darkness. And I’ve never been scared since. Except now I think it’s worn off. It’s an art form to frighten someone anyway but like a subtle shiver you get and it’s gotta be short obviously, and it’s gotta be scary and it’s gotta be well written and descriptive.”
It almost feels like Said Ali Khan had a pretty colourful youth and we are just not talking about his stardom nor his movies.

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